I’m Jane, a master of journalism candidate from The University of Hong Kong. I am extremely interested in business reporting and also passionate about video news production.

At present, I work as an intern at CNN International in both newsgathering and digital team. What I’m doing now is writing short stories for different sections, conducting researches and interviews for newsgathering, translating Chinese news sources etc. The already three-month long internship offers me an incredible international horizon and has greatly enhanced my skills for storytelling, interview interactions and TV news production.

It’s no doubt that CNN has given me a good knowledge of the operation of a giant news media. However, the field I’m really eager to dig deeper is business and financial reporting. As a student without basic knowledge on economy and finance, I tried to improve myself through my internship in Bloomberg Businesswweek Chinese Edition. During my time there, I wrote daily business news briefings, wrote and edited stories for the Industries and Companies section and conducted interviews for magazine stories on startups.

All these experiences have helped me know the media industry better. The more I know, the clearer I am about my interested field. What I really want to do is telling good China stories to the world, especially business and financial stories.